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Science News

SpaceX launches Indonesian satellite into orbit Wednesday February 21st, 2024 02:59:42 AM

OpenAI unveils new text-to-video generator Sora Sunday February 18th, 2024 09:01:24 PM

Second launch attempt succeeds for Japan’s H3 rocket Saturday February 17th, 2024 07:44:02 PM

NASA seeks candidates for yearlong simulated Mars mission Friday February 16th, 2024 10:15:43 PM

SpaceX adds to thousands of satellites in space Friday February 16th, 2024 04:55:12 AM

Uruguay becomes latest nation to join NASA's Artemis Accords Friday February 16th, 2024 03:20:29 AM

Researchers assess damage to coral reefs in Florida Keys after historic marine heat wave Thursday February 15th, 2024 11:09:22 PM

Korean food scientists grow beef inside of rice grains Thursday February 15th, 2024 03:59:30 PM

Russia sends resupply mission to International Space Station Thursday February 15th, 2024 02:37:04 PM

SpaceX launches private lunar lander on eight-day journey to the moon Thursday February 15th, 2024 07:44:56 AM

U.S. missile-defense satellites headed for low-Earth orbit Thursday February 15th, 2024 01:28:14 AM

NASA telescopes capture extreme radio events in space Wednesday February 14th, 2024 11:02:03 PM

NASA engineers trying to fix stuck dust cover on Perseverance Mars rover camera Tuesday February 13th, 2024 11:10:39 PM

Second Japanese H3 launch test scrubbed over weather concerns Tuesday February 13th, 2024 07:05:21 PM

In search for life elsewhere in universe, researchers create new way to look for signals Monday February 12th, 2024 07:56:01 PM

Space News